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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Nicholas (Ozone) of Brooklyn is an auxiliary bishop of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, under the jurisdiction of the Church of Antioch, assigned as an assistant to Metropolitan Philip at the Archdiocesan headquarters in Englewood, New Jersey.


Bishop Nicholas was born in Damascus, Syria, on January 4, 1963. He received his early education at the French Lycée Laïque elementary and middle school and the Omia High School. He attended the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

He enrolled at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts after emigrating to the United States in February 1981. His course of studies led to his earning a number of degrees including Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Master of Science in Computer Engineering, and a Specialization Certificate in Object-Oriented Design, Architecture, and Coding. After his graduation, he worked at ViewLogic Systems and Synopsys Company, in the electronics design automation industry.

In September 2002, he entered Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts, graduating in May 2005. He gained fluency in a number of languages including Arabic, English, and French. Additionally, he learned Hebrew, Ancient Greek, New Testament Greek, and modern Greek to conduct research on theological subjects.

Entering the Holy Orders, he was ordained a deacon on April 23, 2004 by Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese. On January 9, 2005, he was ordained a priest by Bishop Antoun of Miami. Father Nicholas was assigned to St. Philip Antiochian Orthodox Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida in August 2005.

On February 14, 2010, Fr. Nicholas was elevated to the dignity of archimandrite by Metr. Philip. After his election to the episcopate by the Holy Synod of the Church of Antioch, Fr. Nicholas was consecrated a bishop on December 11, 2011 at the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in the Patriarchal Monastery of Our Lady of Balamand in Balamand, Lebanon. Bishop Nicholas was one of three bishops consecrated on December 11 as assistant bishops for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, the others being John (Abdalah) and Anthony (Michaels).

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