May 17

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The Holy Trinity

Apostles Andronicus of Pannonia and his fellow labourer Saint Junia, of the Seventy Apostles (1st c.); Martyrs Solochon, Pamphamer, and Pamphalon, soldiers, at Chalcedon (ca.286-305); Martyrs Adrion, Victor and Basilla, in Alexandria; Saint Theodoret of Antioch, Hieromartyr, (361–363); Venerable Dodo of the St David-Gareji Monastery, Georgia (6th c.); Saint Stephen the New, Patriarch of Constantinople (893); Saint Restituta the martyr, in Carthage (255 or 304); Martyrs Heradius, Paul, and Aquilinus, near Lake Geneva (284-305); Saint Maden (Madern, Madron, Madrona), Monk of Cornwall (ca.545); Saint Cathán (Catan, Chattan, Cadan), Bishop in the Isle of Bute in Scotland (6th c.); Saint Mailduf (Maidulph, Maelduib), founder of Malmesbury Abbey (673); Saint Gerebernus (Gerebern, Gerebrand), Hieromartyr, priest from Ireland who accompanied St Dymphna to Belgium and shared in her martyrdom (7th c.); Saint Rasso (Ratho), ascetic, founder of a Benedictine abbey at Wörth, later named Grafrath after him (953); Venerable Andronik the Grave-Digger, of the the Kyivan Zverynetsky Monastery (1096); Venerable Eudokia (in monasticism Euphrosyne), Grand-Duchess of Moscow (1407); Saints Nectarius the God-bearer (1550) and Theophanes (1544) the gate-keepers, brothers, of Varlaam of Meteora; Great-martyr Nicholas of Sofia (1555); Saint Nicolas (Basdanis) the New Martyr (St Nicolas the Vlach) (1617); Saint Athanasius the New, Bishop and Wonderworker of Christianopolis (1707 or 1735); New Martyr Eleazar (Lazarus), of the town of Vasen in Russia, martyred for the faith near Olonets (18th c.); Saint Jonah Atamansky, Archpriest of Odessa, Wonderworker (1924); Other Commemorations: Commemoration of the Fall of Jerusalem in 614 AD to the Persians, with the loss of the True Cross, damage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by fire, and the martyrdom of over 65,000 Christians (614); Translation of the relics (1551) of Saint Adrian of Ondrusov (Valaam), Abbot (1549).