January 15

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Monk-martyr Pansophius of Alexandria (ca.250); Martyrs Elpidios, Danax, and Helen; Venerable Paul of Thebes (341); Holy 6 Monk-Martyrs of the Desert, who reposed peacefully; Venerable Salome of Ujarma, and Venerable Perozhavra of Sivnia, Georgia (ca.361); Venerable Alexander the Ever-Vigilant, founder of the Monastery of the Unsleeping Ones ("the Ever-Vigilant"), at Gomon, north-eastern Bithynia (ca.426-427); Venerable John Calabytes, the "hut-dweller" of Constantinople (ca.450); Venerable Prochorus, Abbot in the Vranski Desert on the River Pchinja, in Bulgaria (10th c.); Virgin-martyr Secundina, scourged to death near Rome in the persecution of Decius (ca.250); Martyr Ephysius of Sardinia (303); Saint Maximus, Bishop of Nola (ca. 250); Saints Maura and Britta, two holy virgins in France (4th c.); Saint Eugippius, ordained priest at Rome, was biographer of St Severinus of Noricum (535); Saint Íte of Killeedy (Ytha, Meda), Hermitess in Ireland and foster-mother of Saint Brendan (570); Saint Maurus, disciple of St. Benedict of Nursia (584); Saint Lleudadd (Laudatus), first Abbot of Bardsey Island, Wales (6th c.); Saint Sawyl Penuchel, the father of Asaph of Wales (6th c.); Saint Tarsicia of Rodez, an Anchoress who lived near Rodez, sister of St. Ferréol of Uzès (600); Saint Malard, Bishop of Chartres, present at the Council of Châlon-sur-Saône in 650 (ca.650); Saint Bonitus, Bishop of Clermont and Confessor, later a monk (ca.710); Saint Emebert, an early Bishop of Cambrai (ca.710); Saint Ceolwulf of Northumbria, King of Northumbria, monk of Lindisfarne (764); Saint Blaithmaic (Blathmac), an Abbot from Ireland, went to Scotland and was martyred by the Danes on the altar steps of the church of Iona (ca.823); Venerable Gabriel, founder of Lesnovo Monastery, Serbia-Bulgaria (12th c.); Venerable Barlaam of Keret Lake (16th c.) New Hieromartyr Benjamin, Bishop of Romanov (1930); New Hieromartyr Michael, Priest (1942).