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St. Hypatius the Wonderworker of Gangra
veron Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (Panagia Portaitissa)
Saint Innocent of Alaska

Righteous Joseph the Fair (the All-Comely), son of Jacob, Patriarch (c. 1700 BC); Saint Acacius the Confessor, Bishop of Melitene in Pisidia (251); Saint Hypatius the Wonderworker, Bishop of Gangra (326); Theophilos the Martyr, and those with him, in Crete; Martyrs Menander and Sabinus, and another 38 martyrs, in Hermopolis of Egypt, under Julian the Apostate (c. 361-363); Saint Apollonius (Apollo) of the Thebaid, ascetic (4th century); Hieromartyrs Abdas, Bishop of Hormizd-Ardashir, and the Deacon Benjamin, of Persia (c. 424) (see also May 16 and March 12); Venerable Hypatius, Abbot of Rufinus in Chalcedon (446); Venerable Blaise of Amorium and Mount Athos (c. 909); Venerable Stephen the Wonderworker, ascetic; Saint Balbina of Rome (c. 130); Martyrs Theodulus, Anesius, Felix, Cornelia and Companions, in North Africa; Saint Renovatus, Abbot of Cauliana in Lusitania, then Bishop of Merida in Spain for twenty-two years (c. 633); Saint Aldo, Abbot of Hasnon Abbey in Belgium (8th century); Saint Guy (Guido) (1046); Venerable Hypatius the Healer, of the Kiev Caves Monastery (14th century); Saint Ivan I of Moscow (John I Daniilovich Kalita), Prince of Moscow from 1325 and Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1328 (1340); Saint Jonah of Moscow, Metropolitan of Kiev, Moscow, and all Russia (1461); Saint Philaret, Abbot of Glinsk Hermitage (1841); Saint Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow, Enlightener of Siberia and Alaska (1879); Saint Arseny Richynsky the Physician of Volyn, New Confessor and Wonderworker (1956); New Hieromartyr John Blyumovich, Priest (1938); Other Commemorations: Appearance of the Iveron Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, on Mt. Athos ("Panagia Portaitissa" or "Gate-Keeper") (late 10th century) (see also February 12); Repose of Archbishop Averky (Taushev) of Syracuse and Holy Trinity Monastery (1976) Repose of Archimandrite Thaddeus (Strabulovich) of Vitovnica Monastery (Tadej Štrbulović), Serbia (2003).