February 12

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The Holy Trinity

Holy martyrs Prima, Ampelius, Dativus, Plotinus, Saturninus, Fabius, Felix and their companions, in Carthage, by the sword (see also: February 11); Saint Meletius, Archbishop of Antioch (381); Saint Mary, nun (called Marinus), and her father Saint Eugene, monk, at Alexandria (6th century); Saint Antony II of Constantinople, Patriarch (901); Saint Sisinnios, 'Bishop of God', in the region of the Metropolis of Ephesus (c. 919-944); Martyrs Modestus and Julian, at Carthage (2nd century?); Saint Modestus, a deacon, born in Sardinia and martyred under Diocletian (c. 304); Saint Eulalia of Barcelona, virgin-martyr under Diocletian (c. 304) (see also December 10 and August 22); Saint Damian, a martyr in Rome whose relics were found in the Catacombs of St Callistus; Saint Gaudentius of Verona, Bishop of Verona in Italy, Confessor (c. 465); Saint Æthelwold of Lindisfarne (740); Saint Benedict Revelli, monk, who became Bishop of Albenga in 870 (c. 900); Saint Julian the Hospitaller; Saint Prochorus of Georgia, builder of Holy Cross Monastery near Jerusalem (1066); Venebrable hieromartyr John the Sinaite (1091); New Monk-martyrs Luke (Mukhaidze) (1277) and Nicholas (Dvali) (1314), of Jerusalem, and the holy fathers of the Georgian monasteries in Jerusalem; Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow and Wonder-worker of All Russia (1378); Saint Bassian, founder and Abbot of Ryabovsky Forest Monastery in Uglich (1509) New Martyr Christos the Gardener, at Constantinople (1748) Saint Meletius, Archbishop of Kharkov (1840); Venerable Meletios of Ypseni (Meletios of Lardos), founder of the Monastery of Panagia Ypseni, Rhodes, in 1855 (19th century); New Hieromartyr Alexius (Buy), Bishop of Voronezh (1930) New Martyr Mitrophan, Archpriest (1931); Other Commemorations: Appearance of the Iveron Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos ("Panagia Portaitissa" or "Gate-Keeper"), Mt. Athos (9th century) (see also March 31); Repose of the cave-dweller Anastasia (Logacheva) of Ardatov (1875).