December 10

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The Holy Trinity

Martyrs Menas the Most Eloquent, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus, of Alexandria (ca.313); Martyr Gemellus of Paphlagonia (Gemellus of Ancyra), cruelly tortured and crucified (361); Hieromartyr Theotecnus, by the sword; Martyr Marianus, by stoning; Martyr Eugenios, beaten to death; Venerable Thomas Dephourkinos of Mt. Kyminas in Bithynia (Thomas the Righteous) (10th c.); Saints Carpophorus and Abundius, a priest and his deacon who suffered under Diocletian (ca.290-300); Virgin-martyr Eulalia of Barcelona, the most famous virgin-martyr in Spain, burnt at the stake under Diocletian (304); Saint Julia of Mérida, a martyr together with St Eulalia, in Mérida in Spain under Diocletian (304); Saint Mercurius and Companions, at Lentini in Sicily, soldiers who were beheaded under the governor Tertyllus, in the time of Emperor Licinius (ca. 308); Pope Saint Miltiades, Pope of Rome, who condemned Donatism and was venerated as a martyr on account of his many sufferings during the persecution of Maximian (314); Saint Sindulf of Vienne (Sindulphus), the thirty-first Bishop of Vienne in France (ca.669); Saint Deusdedit of Brescia, Bishop of Brescia in Italy, played a leading part in the Councils against Monothelitism (ca.700); Pope Saint Gregory III, who was much troubled by Iconoclasm and the raids of the Lombards (741); Saint Guitmarus, fourth Abbot of Saint-Riquier in France (765); Saint Hildemar (Hildemanus), a monk at Corbie who became Bishop of Beauvais in France in 821 (844); Blessed Jovan Branković, King of Serbia (1503), and his parents Stephen the Blind (1468) and Saint Angelina (Brancovic) (16th c.) Saint Ioasaph (Gorlenko) of Belgorod (1754) (see also September 4); New Hieromartyr Alexander (Shklaev) of Perm, Protopresbyter (1918); New Hieromartyr Jacob (Shestakov) of Perm, Priest (1918); Hieromartyr Eugraphus (Pletnev) of Perm, Priest, and his son (1918); New Hieromartyrs of Ryazan: Protopresbyters - Anatolius (Pravdoliubov), Alexander (Tuberovsky), Eugene (Kharkov), and Constantine (Bazhanov) (1937), and with them: New Hieromartyr Priest Nicholas (Karasiov), - Martyrs Peter (Grishin), Michael (Yakunkin), Eusebius (Tryakhov), Dorotheus (Klimashev), Laurentius (Kogtyev), and Gregory (Berdenev), - Virgin-martyrs Alexandra (Ustiukhina) and Tatiana (Yegorova), - New Hieromartyr Priest Michael, and New Hieromartyr Sergius (Sorokin), Hieromonk of Sreznevo (Ryazan) (1937); Virgin-martyr Eudocia (after 1937); New Hieromartyr Protopresbyter Nicholas (Rozov) of Yaroslavl-Rostov (1938); New Hieromartyr Alexis, Priest (1938); Virgin-martyrs Anna and Tatiana, Confessors (1948); Virgin-martyr Thecla, Confessor (1954); Venerable New Nun-Confessor Anna, Schema-nun of Sreznevo (Ryazan) (1958); Other Commemorations: Synaxis of the Archangel Michael at the Adda River in northern Italy, before the Battle of Coronate (689); Commemoration of Blessed Juliana (Ulana), first cousin of St. Joasaph (18th c.).