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Saint Hilarion the Great

Saint Hilarion the Great; Martyrs Dasius, Gaius, and Zoticus at Nicomedia; Saints Theophilus and James, Abbots of Omutch (Pskov); Saint Hilarion, Abbot of Pskov; Saint Hilarion, Schemamonk of the Kiev Caves; Saint Hilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev; Saint Philotheus of Dionysiou of Mount Athos; New-Martyr John of the Peloponnesos; Saints Vissarion (Bessarion) Sarai, hieromonk, and Sophronie of Ciorara, monk, confessors, and Saint Oprea of Salistie, martyred by the Latins in Romania; New-Martyrs Andrew, Stephen, Paul, and Peter; Martyrs Theodota and Socrates the priest in Ancyra; Monk-martyr Eucrates; Saint Baruch, monk; Monk-martyr Zachariah; Martyr Azes; Saint Christodoulos the Wonder-worker of Patmos; Saint Condedos, Hermit of Fontenelle; Saint Tuda, Bishop of Lindisfarne; Saint Fintan Munnu, Abbot of Taghmon; repose and translation of the relics of Saint Hilarion, Bishop of Meglin in Bulgaria; Venerable Alexis (Kabaliuk), Apostle of Carpatho-Russia (see also December 2). Other events: name day of Elder Hilarion of Optina