December 2

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Prophet Habakkuk
Fr. Alexei Kabaliuk, Apostle of Carpatho-Russia.
Elder Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalivite.

Prophet Habakkuk (Abbacum) (7th c. b.c.); Martyr Myrope of Chios, under Decius (251); Martyr Abibus the New (Abibus of Edessa), Deacon, burned at the stake (ca.307-323); Saints John, Heraclemon, Andrew and Theophilus, of Oxyrhynchus, hermits of Egypt (4th c.) (see also June 12); Saint Moses the Confessor (Moses the Economos); Venerable Jesse (Ise, Isidore), Bishop of Tsilkani in Georgia (6th c.); Saint Solomon, Archbishop of Ephesus; Saint Evasius, First Bishop of Brescia in Italy; Saint Lupus (Luperius), Bishop of Verona in Italy, Confessor; Martyrs Eusebius - a priest, Marcellus - a deacon, Hippolytus, Maximus, Adria, Paulina, Neon, Mary, Martana, and Aurelia - under Valerian (ca.254-259); Martyr Pontian, with four others, at Rome, under Valerian (ca. 259); Virgin-Martyr Vibiana of Rome (Bibiana, Viviana) (ca.361-363); Saint Chromatius, Bishop of Aquileia near Venice, friend of St John Chrysostom, Confessor (406); Martyrs Severus, Securus, Januarius and Victorinus, martyrs in North Africa who suffered under the Vandals (ca. 450); Saint Silverius, Pope of Rome (537); Saint Trumwine of Abercorn (Trumwin of Whitby), the only ever Bishop of the Northumbrian see of the Picts (late 7th c.); Saint Cyril of Phileotes (in the vicinity of Derkos, in Thrace) (1110); Venerable Abbacum the Ascetic of Cyprus, Wonderworker (late 12th c.); Saint Athanasius “the Resurrected,” recluse of the Kiev Caves, whose relics are in the Near Caves (1176); Saint Athanasius, recluse of the Kiev Caves, whose relics are in the Far Caves (1264); Saint Stephen-Urosh V, King of Serbia (1371), and his mother St. Helena (1376), of Serbia; Venerable Ioannicius of Devič, Serbia, monk (1430) (see also December 1); Venerable Alexei (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia, Apostle of Carpatho-Russia (1947) (see also October 21); Venerable Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalivite, Athonite Elder (1991); New Hieromartyr John, priest (1919); New Hieromartyr Matthew (Alexandrov), priest of Simferopol-Crimea (1921); New Hieromartyr Demetrius, priest, and Venarable Vera, Confessor (1932); Hieromartyrs Constantine (Nekrasov) and Nicholas (Vinogradsky), Protopresbyters of Moscow (1937); Hieromartyrs Sergius (Felitsin), Vladimir (Preferansov), John (Derzhavin), Theodore, Nicholas, John, Nicholas, Priests (1937); Hieromartyrs Danact of Moscow and Alma Ata (Priest-monk), and Cosmas (1937); Woman Hieromartyrs (Nuns) - Theuromia (Febronia (Ishina)), Tamara, Antonina (1937); Lay woman - Mary (Dmitrievska) (1937); Virgin-martyrs - Mary and Matrona (1937); Virgin-martyr Mary (1938); Martyr Boris (1942); Other commemorations: Repose of Elder Luke “the Guestmaster” of Valaam (Schema-abbot Luke), (1965).