Nikon (Rklitski) of Florida

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His Eminence, the Most Reverend Nikon (Rklitski) of Florida was a archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and secretary to the Holy Synod.


Born Nicholas P. Rklitski in 1892 into a family of priests, Nicholas attended the parochial schools in Chernigov, Russia, while he helped his priest father with the administration of his parish. He went on to attended the seminary in Chernigov before entering Warsaw University in 1910. From Warsaw, he continued his education at Kiev University where he studied law. Nicholas passed his examinations in 1915.

After graduating, Nicholas volunteered to serve in the Russian military forces. After the Bolshevik takeover of the government of Russia and the start of Civil War in Russia he joined the White Army. During this period he met Metropolitan Anthony (Kharpovitsky) in 1918. After the defeat of the White forces, he emigrated to southern Europe where he again met with and joined Metr. Anthony. From 1922 to 1936, Nicholas worked closely with Metr. Anthony.

After the repose of Metr. Anthony in 1936, Nicholas began to study theology in Belgrade, Yugoslavia with the intention of becoming a missionary. At this time he also made a decision to undertake a monastic life. In 1941, he was tonsured a monk with the name Nikon and then was ordained a deacon and then a priest. As a priest, Fr. Nikon became the rector of Holy Trinity Church in Belgrade.

In 1944, when the advance of the Soviet forces against the Germans began to threaten Yugoslavia, Fr. Nikon joined with the Holy Synod in a retreat, first to Karlsbad and then on to Munich. While in Karlsbad, he joined with the brotherhood of the Monastery of St. Job of Pochaev from Ladomirovo. After joining them, Fr. Nikon was elevated to Igumen.

He and the Synod then evacuated to Switzerland. While in Switzerland he was appointed secretary to the Holy Synod. In 1946, Igumen Nikon was elevated to archimandrite and moved to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York and was appointed secretary to Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko).

In 1948, Archim. Nikon was consecrated Bishop of Florida and vicar Bishop of Eastern America. In 1959, he was elevated to archbishop. In 1967, Bp. Nikon was appointed Archbishop of Washington and Florida and made a member of the Holy Synod. Abp. Nikon reposed on September 4, 1976.

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Nikon (Rklitski) of Florida
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