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Nikolo-Velikoretsky monastery is a new monastery in the Vyatka Eparchy of the Church of Russia, established in the first decade of the twenty first century.

The monastery was founded in the settlement of Velikoretskoye on December 24, 2004 on the decision of the Holy Synod on the decree of the Most Holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Aleksei II, and upon the request of the ruling bishop of the Vyatka eparchy, Metropolitan Khrisanf.

First members of the community arrived in Velikoretskoye on February 17, 2005. On February 18 the first public service to St. Nikolai, Archbishop of Mir Likiyskikh, was held. This day is considered to be the founding day of the monastery.

With the blessing of the archimandrite of Nikolo-Velikoretsky monastery, Metr. Khrisanf, Tikhon Merkushev, who was at the head of the Velikoretsky crucession and pilgrimage for many years, was named the Father-Superior of the monastery.

By the beginning of Lent in 2005 there were six people in the community. They initiated a monastic life in prayer.

By the Lent on April 28, 2005, on Holy Thursday, after the evening service, the first member of the monastery community, Feodosiy, took monastic vows. The ceremony was performed by Father-Superior Tikhon. Feodosiy was given a new monastic name of Peter, after the Apostle Peter.

During the summer and autumn of 2005 first cells were built for the monastic community. In December 2005 with the blessing of Metr. Khrisanf, an icon-painting workshop was opened in the monastery. Experienced icon-painters of the workshop restore old icons and paint new ones. They also paint icons for the many parish churches of the Vyatka eparchy. On the Christmas Eve, January 5, 2006 OS, Father-Superior Tikhon blessed the new cells for the monastic community.

On February 18, 2006, Nikolo-Velikoretsky monastery celebrated its first anniversary. At present there are twelve monks in the community.

Church services in the monastery take place daily in the morning and in the evening. Everyday the community prays for the salvation of souls: «Who is weak, and I am not weak?» (2nd Corinthians, 11:29). In addition to praying, the monastic community fulfills their work of penance.

The monks get their inspiration from the beneficial mediation of the patron of the Velikoretsky monastery, St. Nicholas of Myra, the wonder-maker.

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