John II Cappadocia of Constantinople

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John II Cappadocia was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 518 to 520. John, with emperor Justin I, negotiated a settlement of the issues that resulted in the schism between Constantinople and Rome after the promulgation of the Henoticon by emperor Zeno and Patr. Acacius, referred to as the Acacian Schism.


Little is known of the life of John Cappadocia. He lived during the decades of in-fighting in Constantinople following the Council in Chalcedon in 451. With a succession of emperors and patriarchs who leaned toward or supported the non-chalcedonian position, John succeeded to the patriarchal throne just before emperor Anastasius was succeeded as emperor by Justin I in July 518. Justin was a strong supporter of the Council of Chalcedon.

On July 18, as emperor Justin and Patr. John entered the cathedral in Constantinople, the people began a call to the emperor and patriarch for proclamation of the Council of Chalcedon and the anathematization of Severus of Antioch. During the following days these Acclamations of Constantinople continued which led to the confirmation of the decrees of the four councils, the updating of the diptychs, and the reunion of East and West after a schism of 34 years, an end that was formally concluded on March 25, 519.

On January 19, 520, Patr. John II died.

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John II Cappadocia of Constantinople
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Timothy I
Patriarch of Constaninople
518 - 520
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