Arsenius (Heikkinen) of Joensuu

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His Grace, Right Reverend Arseny (Heikkinen) of Joensuu is the Bishop of Joensuu, vicar of the Diocese of Karelia, of the Church of Finland.


Jorma Heikkinen was born in Lapland in the Gulf in 1957. After graduating from the local high school, Jorma attended the Finnish Orthodox Seminary, graduating in 1983 with a Master's degree in Theology. He continued his studies at the Leningrad Theological Academy in the Soviet Union and the University of Athens in Greece, before completing his postgraduate studies at the University of Joensuu.

While attending the Leningrad Academy Jorma was tonsured a monk, and given the name Arseny. He was also ordained a deacon. Returning to Finland, Dn. Arseny entered the New Valamo Monastery where he was ordained a hieromonk in 1986. While at New Valamo, Fr. Arseny was appointed abbot in 1989. In 1997, he was elevated to archimandrite.

In October 2004, Archim. Arseny was elected Bishop of Joensuu, vicar of the Diocese of Karelia. He was installed in January 1, 2005 at the cathedral in Kuopio.


Bp. Arseny is noted as a skilled iconographer and authority on the traditions of icon painting. He has written a number of books and articles about icons, and his icons have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions.

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Arsenius (Heikkinen) of Joensuu
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