March 22

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St. Drosida, the daughter of the Roman Emperor Trajan
St. Isaac the Confessor

Virgin-confessor Drosida of Antioch (Drosis), daughter of Emperor Trajan, and with her five Virgin-martyrs: Agalida, Apollinaria, Daria, Mamthusa, and Thais (104-117); Martyrs Kalliniki and Vasilissa of Rome (252); Hieromartyr Basil of Ancyra, Priest of Ancyra (362); Saint Isaac the Confessor, founder of the Dalmatian Monastery at Constantinople (383) (see also May 30) Saint Epaphroditus, by tradition the first Bishop of Terracina in Italy (1st century); Saint Paul, Bishop of Narbonne, Brittany (3rd century); Saint Lea of Rome, an aristocrat in Rome who on the death of her husband entered the convent of St Marcella (384); Saint Deogratius, Bishop of Carthage in North Africa (457); Saint Octavian and Companions, Archdeacon of the Church in Carthage in North Africa, martyred with several thousand companions under the Arian Vandal King Hunneric (484); Saint Saturninus and Companions, a group of ten martyrs in North Africa; Saint Trien (Trienan), a disciple of St Patrick and Abbot of Killelga in Ireland (5th century); Saint Darerca of Ireland, sister of St Patrick of Ireland (5th century); Saint Fáilbe mac Pípáin, the eighth Abbot of Iona in Scotland (680); Martyr Basil of Mangazea in Siberia, Wonderworker (1602) (see also June 6 and May 10); New Monk-martyr Euthymius of Dimitsana and Mt. Athos, at Constantinople (1814); Hieromartyr Basil (Zelentsov), Bishop of Prilutsk, Vicar of Poltava (1930); New Confessor Schema-abbess Sophia (Grineva) of Kiev (1941), and her priest Demetrius Ivanov (1934); Other Commemorations: "The Izborsk" Icon of the Mother of God (1657); Commemoration of Maria Berushko of Brazil and eight students who died trying to save people during a fire in their school (1986).