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Elias III of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Church of Jerusalem from 879 to 907. He was faced with the problem of repaying the large debt that his predecessor, Theodosius, left him.

Nothing of Elias' early life is known. He may have been the syncellus that Patr. Theodosius sent as his legate to the Robber Council of 869-870. In 881, Elias sent two monks, Gisbert and Reinard, to Charles the Fat in France to collect a subsidy for the repair of the churches in Jerusalem damaged by the Muslims. These repair costs were in addition to the large debt that Patr. Theodosius had left him. Elias turned down an offer by the daughter of an old Muslim to pay the remainder of this debt. 

Elias said he saw no objections in the Church canons when Roman emperor Leo VI told the eastern patriarchs he wanted to marry for a fourth time.

In 906, Patr. Elias consecrated Christodulus as Patriarch of Alexandria. The faithful of Alexandria, however, objected and refused to admit him unless Christodulus repeated the prayers of consecration. 

Traditionally, Elias is said to have died in 907. According to St. Sabas, however, Elias III died on October 4, 906. He was succeeded by Sergius II.

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Elias III of Jerusalem
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