March 9

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Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
St. Constantine of Cornwall and Govan
Albazin Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

Martyr Urpasianus the Senator, at Nicomedia, by being burned alive (c. 305); The Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (320): Cyrion (Quirio), Candidus, Domnus, Hesychius, Heraclius, Smaragdus, Eunoicus, Valens, Vivianus, Claudius, Priscus, Theodulus, Eutychius, John, Santhias, Helianus, Sisinius, Angius, Aetius, Flavius, Acacius, Ecdicius, Lysimachus, Alexander, Elias, Gorgonius, Theophilus, Dometian, Gaius, Leontius, Athanasius, Cyril, Sacerdon, Nicholas, Valerius, Philoctimon, Severian, Chudion, Aglaius, and Meliton; Saint Caesarius of Nazianzus (Caesarios the Doctor), brother of St. Gregory the Theologian (369); Saint Philoromus the Confessor, of Galatia (4th century); Saint Tarasius the Wonderworker, of Lycaonia; Saint Pacianus, Bishop of Barcelona (390); Saint Constantine of Cornwall and Govan, King of Cornwall, protomartyr of Scotland (576) (see also March 11); Saint Bosa of York, Bishop of York (705); Venerable Vitalis of Castronovo, Sicily (994); Saint Anthony, a monk at Luxeuil in France, became a hermit in Froidemont in Franche-Comté (10th century); Saint Jonah, Archbishop of Novgorod (1470) New Martyrs (two priests and forty students) of Momisici (Montenegro) (1688); Venerable Elder Cleopas of Ostrov-Vvedensky Monastery, disciple of Saint Paisius Velichkovsky (1778); Saint Theodosius Levitsky, priest of Balta, Odessa (1845); Saint Dimitra (Ihorova), nun and foundress of the Vvedensk (Vovedenska) Convent in Kiev (1878); New Hieromartyr Mitrophan Buchnoff, Archpriest, of Voronezh (1931); New Hieromartyr Joasaph (Shakhov), Abbot, of Popovka (Moscow) (1938); New Hieromartyrs Michael Maslov, Alexis Smirnov, Demetrius Glivenko, Sergius Lebedev, and Sergius Zvetkov, Priests, and Nicholas Goryunov, Protodeacon (1938); Virgin-martyrs Natalia Yulianova and Alexandra Samoylovoy (1938); Other commemorations: "Albazin" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos ("The Word Was Made Flesh") (1666); Repose of Schema-Archimandrite Theophilus (Rossokha) of Kiev (1996).