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His Beatitude Paul of Alexandria was the Patriarch and Pope of the Church of Alexandria from 537 to 542. Patr. Paul was a member of the Chalcedonian party.


Little is known of his early life. Paul was the first bishop of the Chalcedonian party since 482 to be elected patriarch after the election of a series of non-Chalcedonian patriarchs of Alexandria. Paul was elected patriarch after Patr. Gainas, a Miaphysite, was forced from office by emperor Justinian and exiled to Sardinia. Paul's election formalized the schism between the Chalcedonians and non-Chalcedonians that had been developing since the Fourth Ecumenical Council resulting in separate Greek and Coptic lineages that have continued until today.

According to Zacharias Rhetor, Patr. Paul was driven from the patriarchal cathedra for involvement in a murder and was succeeded by a monk named Zoilus. [1]


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