Pangratius of Trebizond

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His Eminence Pangratius of Trebizond was the first Metropolitan of Trabizon after the capture of the city by the Ottoman Turks in 1461.


There is no information of the early life of Pangratius. Pangratius was appointed, in 1472, to the vacant cathedra of Trebizon as metropolitan after Symeon I of Trebizond ascended to the see of Constantinople. Symeon's appointment for his second term as patriarch was made by the Turkish Sultan to establish calm in Trabizond and to ward off action by the Christian community to revolt against the newly established Ottoman hegemony. However, the appointment of Pangratius as metropolitan seems not to have contributed to the restoration of order as the Sultan demanded that Pangratius be removed from the Trebizond see and asked the metropolitan to submit his written resignation. The details of the Sultan's actions were recorded in the synodal act concerning the election of his successor, Dorotheus II.

The date of the death of Metr. Pangratius is unknown.

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Pangratius of Trebizond
Preceded by:
Bishop of Trebizond
Succeeded by:
Dorotheus II
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