Martyrius of Antioch

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Martyrius of Antioch was Patriarch of Antioch from 461 to 465. He was the fourth hierarch of Antioch to formally hold the title Patriarch after its establishment at the Fourth Ecumenical Council in 451.

Little is known of the life of Martyrius. He was a Chalcedonian during the times of continued dispute after the Council at Chalcedon concerning the nature of Jesus Christ. He came to the see of Antioch in 461. In 463, in company with Zeno, then commander of the East, Peter the Fuller, a non-Chalcedonian, came to Antioch where he established himself in the Church of St. Bassa and developed the desire to be patriarch. He quickly gathered a strong following among the populace. Among them, he raised suspicions that Patr. Martyrius was a hidden Nestorian, thus undermining his credibility among the people who were strong anti-Nestorians.

By 465, Peter had raised a ruckus among the population that caused the expulsion of Martyrius, followed by the election of Peter the Fuller as patriarch. While Martyrius obtained the support of emperor Leo I, Patr. Gennadius I of Constantinople, and a council of bishops, Martyrius was unable to overcome the popularity and influence of Peter in Antioch. Finding his position in Antioch intolerable, he left Antioch, leaving the see to the usurper.

After St. Simeon Stylites died, Patr. Martyrius performed the funeral service before a large throng of clergy and people, before he was buried near his pillar.

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Martyrius of Antioch
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