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The Most Reverend Metropolitan Athanasios (Nikolaou) of Limassol is the Bishop of Limassol of the Church of Cyprus.


Metropolitan Athanasios was born on February 8, 1959 in Limassol on the southern coast of Cyprus. In 1973, he moved to the Bishopric of Paphos, west of Limassol along the southern coast of Cyprus, where he attended the Gymnasium of Paphos. After graduating from the school, in 1976, he was ordained a deacon by Archbishop Chrysostomos I of Paphos and then entered the Theological Faculty of the University of Thessalonica.

After his graduation from the University of Thessalonica he entered New Skete on Mount Athos (Greek: Όρος Άθως) where he was tonsured a monk. In 1982, he was granted the Great Schema and was ordained a priest by Bishop Ardameri of Ierisos and Nicodimos of Mount Athos. In 1983, he was ordained Confessor by Bishop Pavlos of Veroia and Naousa. In 1987, while a resident of Vatopedi Monastery he was elected a representative of the Holy Community of Mount Athos. For the period of 1991-1992 he held the position the Chief Overseer of Mount Athos.

In 1992, Fr. Athanasios was asked to return to Cyprus by Archbishop Chrysostomos I. With the blessing of the Vatopedi Monastery, he returned to Cyprus and joined the brotherhood of the Priests' Monastery in Paphos. On November 4, 1993, Fr. Athanasios was elected abbot of Machaira's Monastery, and on November 14 he was enthroned by Abp. Chrysostomos I.

On February 11, 1999, after election by the clergy and people, Fr. Athanasios was consecrated and enthroned Bishop of Limassol on February 14, 1999.

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