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St. Nilus of Sora
St. Alexis Toth

Feasts: Commemoration of the Apparition of the Sign of the Precious Cross over Jerusalem in 351 A.D., along with the commemoration of Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem; Saints: Martyrs Quadratus (Codratos) of Nicomedia and his companions (251–259)[1] (see also March 10); Martyrs Rufinus and Saturninus; Martyr Maximus; Hieromartyr Flavius, and Martyrs Augustus and Augustinus (from Asia Minor) (ca.284-305); Martyr Acacius the centurion at Byzantium (303); The Venerable Fathers of Georgia - Saint John of Zedazeni Monastery in Georgia, and his 12 disciples (6th c.): Shio of Mgvime; David of Gareji, Anthony of Martqopi, Thaddeus of Urbnisi or Stepantsminda, Stephen of Khirsa, Isidore of Samtavisi, Michael of Ulumbo, Pyrrhus of Breta, Zeno of Iqalto, Jesse (Ise) of Tsilkani, Joseph of Alaverdi, Abibus of Nekressi; Saint Tarasius the Wonderworker of Lycaonia (see also May 8); Saint John the Confessor, of Psychaita, on the Bosphorus (ca. 825); Martyr Juvenal of Benevento (132 AD); Saint Domitianus of Maastricht, Bishop (560); Saints Serenicus and Serenus, two brothers, became monks and settled as hermits near the River Sarthe in France (ca.669); Saint Placid (Placidus, Plait), Benedictine Abbot of the basilica monastery of St Symphorian in Autun, France (675); Venerable John of Beverley, Bishop of York (721); Saint Peter of Pavia (735); Saint Nilus, Abbot and Wonderworker of Sora (1508); New Monkmartyr Pachomius of Mount Athos, of Usaki near Philadelphia (1730); Saint Alexis Toth, Confessor and Defender of Orthodoxy in America (1909); Other Commemorations: Uncovering of the relics of St. Euthymius the Great (473); Icon of the Mother of God of Liubech (11th c.); "Zhirovits" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (found on a pear tree) (1470); Uncovering of the relics (1815) of Saint Nilus the Myrrh-gusher of the Great Lavra on Mount Athos (1651); Repose of Schema Elder Boris (monk Nicholas) of Valaam and Pskov (1967); Repose of Hieromonk Eulogius of Valaam (1969);