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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Martyrs Calocerus and Parthenius, brothers (250); Martyr Philoterus of Nicomedia (303); Martyr Acoluthus of the Thebaid (Caluf the Egyptian) (303); Martyr Cyriaca (Kyriake) and the six holy virgin-martyrs in Nicomedia (307); Martyr Theotima of Nicomedia (ca.311); Hieromartyrs Patricius of Prussa (Patrick), Bishop, and with him the Presbyters Acacius, Menander, and Polyenus (362); Saint John, Bishop of the Goths in Crimea (787); Martyr Pudens, the senator (ca.160); Virgin-Martyr Pudentiana (Potentiana), daughter of Saint Pudens the senator (160); Saint Cyril of Trier, Bishop of Trier, (5th c.); Saint Adolphus (Hadulf), ascetic of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Vaast, in Arras, and later Bishop of Arras Cambrai in the north of France (728); Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury (988); Monk-martyrs and Confessors of the Monastery of Panagia of Kantara, on Cyprus, who suffered under the Latins (1231): Barnabas, Gennadius, Gerasimus, Germanus (Herman), Theognostus, Theoctistus, Jeremiah, John, Joseph, Conon, Cyril, Maximus and Mark; Blessed Dmitry Donskoy, great prince of Moscow (1389) (see also May 9); Venerable Sinaites of Serbia (from Ravanica) (14th c.): Romulus, Romanus, Nestor, Sisoes, Zosimas, Gregory, Nicodemus, and Cyril, the Sinaites. - disciples of Gregory of Sinai (Mount Athos) - (see also May 6 - Slavonic); Saint Cornelius of Paleostrov, Abbot (1420); Saint John (Ignatius), Prince of Uglich, tonsured as Ignatius in Vologda (1522); Venerable Cornelius of Komel (Vologda), Abbot, Wonderworker (1537); Saint Sergius of Shukhtov (Shukhtom), monk (1609); Hieromartyr Matthew (Voznesensky) (1919); Hieromartyr Innocent (Letayev), Archbishop of Kharkiv (1937); Hieromartyr Victor (Karakulin) (1937); Hieromartyr Onuphrius (Gagaliuk), Archbishop of Kursk and Oboyansk (1938) (see also June 1); Hieromartyr: Anthony, Bishop of Belgorod (1938); Hieromartyrs priests: Mitrophanes (Vilgelmsky), Alexander (Yeroshov), Michael (Deineka), Hippolytus (Krasnovsky), Nicholas (Kulakov), Basil (Ivanov), Nicholas (Sadovsky), Maximus (Bogdanov), Alexander (Saulsky), Paul (Bryantsev), and Paul (Popov) (1938); Martyrs: Michael (Voznesensky) and Gregory (Bogoyavlensky) (1938); New Hieromartyr Valentin (Lukianov), Hieromonk, of Romashkovo (Moscow) (1940); All New Hieromartyrs of Slobozhanschyna (Slobodskaya) Ukraine (1937,1938,1940,1941) (see also May 9); Other Commemorations: Entrance into Georgia (323) of Saint Nina (Nino), Equal-to-the-Apostles (335); Translation of the sacred relics of Saints Julius the Presbyter (401) and Julianus (Giuliano) the Deacon (391); Repose of Schemamonk Cyriacus of Valaam (1798); Repose of Elder Cleopas of Valaam, disciple of St. Paisius (Velichkovsky) (1816); Repose of Righteous Nicholas Rynin of Vologda (1837); Commemoration of the ascetics of St. Anthony of Syadem Monastery: Elias (also of Valaam), Theophanes, and Dionysius; Synaxis of Hieromartyrs of Kharkov.