Stephanos (Daniilidis) of Lemnos

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Metropolitan Stephanos (Daniilidis).

Metropolitan Stephanos (Daniilidis) of Lemnos ((Greek) Στέφανος Δανιηλίδης), was an emiment prelate of Lemnos. He was born in 1859 in the village of Sardis in Lemnos, and died in 1948.

He studied at the Theological School of Halki between 1887-1890, after receiving a scholarship from the Registrar of Schools in Lemnos.

Succession box:
Stephanos (Daniilidis) of Lemnos

Preceded by:
Hilarion I
Metropolitan of Vodena
1904 - 1910
Succeeded by:
Timotheos II (Lamnis)

Preceded by:
Basil (Georgiadis)
Metropolitan of Pelagonia
1910 - 1912
Succeeded by:

Preceded by:
Gennadios (Alexiadis)
Metropolitan of Lemnos
1912 - 1947
Succeeded by:
(overseen by Metr.
Iakovos of Mytiline)
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