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Pope Lando of Rome, also Landus, was the Pope of the Church of Rome for less than year during the latter part of 913 and the beginning of 914. He was the last pope to use a papal name that had not been used previously until Pope John Paul I did so in 1978.


Pope Lando was born in the Sabina region of Italy during the latter decades of the ninth century. His father's name was Taino. Little is known of his life. He was elected pope in mid year 913, apparently with the help of powerful friends in Rome, and did not change his name on his accession to the papal see. He is credited with having granted a privilege to the Church of St. Saviour's in Forum Novum in the Sabina.

Pope Lando's reign was during the dark period of the papacy from 904 to 964 known as the Saeculum obscurum (Latin for the dark age). Yet, in this environment, according to Flodoard the canon of Reims, Pope Lando was a worthy man. His reign as pope lasted little over six months, ending with his repose during the late winter months of 914.

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Lando of Rome
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