Holy Apostles Convent (Buena Vista, Colorado)

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Holy Apostles Convent is a monastic community for women located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The convent is part of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, an independent Old Calendarist group which recognizes the Orthodoxy of only itself and the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece, with which it is in communion.

Holy Apostles Convent was founded in 1986 by then-Archimandrite Gregory of Dormition Skete and Mother Mariam. The convent, near Trout Creek, is located in San Isabel National Forest.

The convent is under the jurisdiction of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, which uses the Julian Calendar. Services are in Greek and English, using traditional Byzantine chant. Holy Apostles Convent is engaged in translating Greek texts of the lives of the saints, Scriptures, and homilies into English and publishing them. Icon painting is also pursued in the Byzantine style, which includes hand-painted icons and large fresco-style paintings on canvas.

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