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Our father among the saints Anysius of Thessalonica, also Anysios, was the Bishop of Thessalonica from about 384 to 407. He was appointed by Archbishop Damasus of Rome as his Vicar Apostolic in Illyricum. He is commemorated on December 30.


His early life is largely unknown. Anysius was the student and co-worker of his predecessor, Ascholius. He was a friend of St. Ambrose who congratulated him, the clergy, and people of Thessalonica on his succession to the see of Thessalonica in 383/4. [1] He was highly regarded by his peers.

When Eastern Illyria came under the administration of the emperor in Constantinople, Archbishop Damasus of Rome asserted his rights to preserve previous jurisdiction over Illyria by appointing Anysius his Vicar Apostolic in Illyricum. These privileges were later confirmed by Bishop Innocent when he succeeded to the Roman see in 401. Bp. Anysius and the bishops of Illyria condemned Bonosus, Bishop of Sardica as a heretic after his case was referred to them by the Council of Capua.

Bp. Anysius was also among the forty bishops who stood by St. John Chrysostom against Theophilus of Alexandria during the efforts by Theophilus to depose Chrysostom. Bp. Anysius died at an advanced age about the year 403.


  1. Anysius was well known in that time having been mentioned by St. Basil the Great as a "beacon of light for the church", a "charismatic person".
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