Theophilus II of Alexandria

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Theophilus II of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Church of Alexandria from 1010 to 1020. For most of his patriarchate he lived in exile in Constantinople in view of the persecutions in Egypt by the Fatimid Caliph Al Hakim.


Little is known of the life of Patr. Theophilus. He came to the see of Alexandria during the latter part of the reign of Caliph Al Hakim, a period in which Al Hakim allowed unwilling Christian and Jewish converts to Islam to return to their faith and rebuild their ruined houses of worship.

While in exile in Constantinople, Patr. Theophilus intervened in a dispute between emperor Basil II (the Bulgar-Slayer) and Patr. Sergius II of Constantinople over whether or not to enforce the law of “solidarity”, and led the two to conciliation. From that time the Patriarch of Alexandria was given the title of Judge of the Universe, with the added privilege of wearing a second stole (Kritato).

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Theophilus II of Alexandria
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