Theodore of Pavia

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Our father among the saints Theodore of Pavia was the Bishop of Pavia during the eighth century. He is noted for his opposition to the arian Lombard kings and the heresy of arianism that they espoused. His feast day is May 20.


Little is known of his early life, including the time and place of his birth as well as his early ecclesiastical life. Theodore became Bishop of Pavia in 743 and served God and the faithful of Pavia for thirty five years. As Pavia was the capital of the kingdom of the arian Lombards, Theodore was in continual opposition with them. This resulted in his being banished and punished several times. Nevertheless, he remained faithful to his Orthodox community and is remembered as a saint.

The date of his death is uncertain as it is believed he died about the year 778, but may have been as early as 769.


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