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Apostle and Evangelist Mark

Martyr Kallistratos and his 49 companions; Saint Sabbatius, Wonder-worker of Solovki; Apostles Mark, Aristarchus, and Zenas of the Seventy; Martyr Epicharis of Rome; Saint Ignatius, Abbot in Asia Minor; New-Martyr Aquilina of Thessaloniki; Martyr Fortunatus and Hieromartyr Philemon; Martyr Gaiana; Righteous Gideon, Judge of Israel (see also September 26); 25 martyrs drowned in the sea; Hieromartyr Peter (Polyansky), Metropolitan of Moscow and Krutitsy; Saint Flavian, Archbishop of Antioch; Saint Barry, disciple of St. Cadoc; repose of Schemamonk Archippus of Glinsk Hermitage