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Aeithalas, Acepsimus, and Joseph

Martyrs Acepsimus the bishop, Joseph the presbyter, and Aeithalas the deacon, of Persia; dedication of the Church of the Great-martyr George in Lydda (see also April 23); Martyrs Atticus, Agapius, Eudoxius, Carterius, Istucarius (Styrax), Pactobius (Tobias) and Nictopolion, at Sebaste; Saint Acepsimas, hermit of Cyrrhus in Syria; Saint Snandulia of Persia; Saint Elias of Egypt; Saint Achaemonides, confessor of Persia; Saint Anna, daughter of Prince Vsevolod I Yaroslavich; Saint Theodore, confessor, Bishop of Ancyra; Martyrs Dacius, Severus, Andronas, Theodotus, and Theodota; New Hieromartyr George of Neopolis; Venerable Pimen the Bulgarian of the Zographou Monastery on Mount Athos; Martyr King Clydog of Ewyas; Virgin-Martyr Winefrid of Holywell, Abbess of Denbighshire in Wales; translation of the relics of St. Edith, nun of Wilton (see September 16); translation of the relics of St. Hubert of Maastricht (see May 30)