February 23

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St. Polycarp of Smyrna

Hieromartyr Polycarp of Smyrna, Bishop of Smyrna (167); Holy 73 Martyrs of Sirmium, under Diocletian (303); Martyr Clement, by the sword; Martyr Thea, by the sword; Venerable Gorgonia the Righteous (375), sister of St. Gregory the Theologian; Saint Alexander, founder of the Monastery of the "Unsleeping Ones", Constantinople (430); Saints John, Antioch, Antoninus, Moses, Zebinas, Polychronius, Moses (another), and Damian, ascetics near Cyrrhus in the Syrian desert (5th century); Saint John Theristes ("the Harvester") of Stylos in Calabria (9th or 11th century) (see also February 24); Saint Martha, virgin-martyr beheaded in Astorga in Spain under Decius (251); Saint Polycarp, a priest in Rome noted for ministering to those in prison for their faith (c. 300); Saint Romana, a virgin born in Rome who reposed at the age of eighteen while living as an anchoress in a cave on the banks of the Tiber (324); Saints Syncrotas, Antigonus, Rutilus, Libius, Senerotas and Rogatianus, martyrs at Sirmium in Pannonia (4th century); Saint Florentius of Seville, Confessor, a saint much venerated in Seville in Spain (c. 485); Saint Felix of Brescia, twentieth Bishop of Brescia (c. 650); Saint Jurmin, an East Anglian prince, son or nephew of King Anna of East Anglia, Confessor (653); Saint Boswell (Boisil), Abbot of Melrose Abbey in Scotland (c. 661) (see also February 24); Saint Mildburga (Milburgh), Abbess of Wenlock Priory (715); Saint Medrald (Mérald, Méraut), a monk at Saint-Evroult (Ebrulfus) of Ouche in France, who later became Abbot of Vendôme (c. 850); Saint Willigis, Archbishop of Mainz (1011); Venerable Damian of Esphigmenou Monastery, on Mount Athos (1280); Saint Cosmas of Zographou Monastery, Mount Athos (1281); Saint Moses of White Lake Monastery (Byelozersk), monk (1480); New Monk-martyr Damian of Philotheou and Kissavos, at Larissa (1586); New Hieromartyr Lazarus of the Peloponnese (c. 1618); Venerable Polycarp of Bryansk, monk of Bryansk (1620-1621)p; Saint Nazarius, Abbot of Valaam Monastery (1809); Saint Seraphim (Zenobius), Schema-Metropolitan of Tetritskaro, Georgia, monk of Glinsk Monastery (1985); New Hieromartyr Michael Edlinsky, Archpriest, of Kiev (1937) (see also November 17); New Hieromartyr Alexis Nikolsky, Priest (1938); New Hieromartyr Nicholas Dimitrov, Priest (1938); New Hieromartyr Michael Razhkin, Priest (1938); Martyr Sergius Borodavkin (1938); New Hieromartyr Sergius (Bukashkin), Hieromonk, of Novo-Alexandrovka, Moscow (1938); New Hieromartyr Antipas (Kyrillov), Hieromonk, of Tatarintsevo, Moscow (1938); New Hieromartyr Philaret (Pryakhin), Abbot, of Trubino, Tver (1942); Other Commemorations: Repose of Archimandrite Agapit (Belovidov) of Optina Monastery (1922); Uncovering of the relics of Blessed Matrona of Moscow (1998).