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Our father among the saints Cyrus of Constantinople, (in Greek: Κύρος, Kyros), was the Patriarch of Constantinople during the early part of the eighth century, from 705 to 712. His feast day is January 8.

Little is known of the life of Cyrus before he was appointed to the patriarchal throne in 705 by emperor Justinian II, as Justinian began his second reign after recovering the imperial throne. Cyrus replaced the deposed Patr. Callinicus I.

Patr. Cyrus was himself deposed shortly after emperor Justinian II was again driven from the imperial throne and executed in December 711. Justinian was succeeded as emperor by Philippicus Bardanes, a Monothelite, who appointed John VI, a Monothelite sympathizer, to the patriarchal throne. The date of Patr. Cyrus' repose is not known.


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Cyrus of Constantinople
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