Aimilianos (Laloussis) of Harioupolis

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Bishop Aimilianos (Laloussis) of Harioupolis (or Emilianos of Charioupolis, Αιμιλιανός Λαλούσης) was a titular bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate serving in the United States.


Bishop Aimilianos was born June 14, 1901[1] in in Sparta, Greece.

He was ordained deacon in June 1925 by Metropolitan Panteleimon of Karystia.

In 1929 he graduated from the Theological School of the University of Athens. In the same year he was ordained priest by the same Bishop.

In 1931, he came to the United States to study at the Episcopal Divinity School in Philadelphia, from which he received a Master's Degree in Theology.

He was a missionary in Philadelphia and Canada before moving to Washington in 1934 as priest of what was then Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral. At that time, the church had about 150 members. Over the years, Aimilianos Laloussis saw this grow to more than 1,000 members. Between 1955 and 1960 he was dean of same Cathedral.

He was elected titular bishop of Harioupolis in 1960, and was consecrated to the episcopacy on November 6, 1960, at St. Sophia's and appointed to oversee the archdiocesan districts of Chicago.

From 1964 until his retirement in 1974 he oversaw the archdiocesan district of the Charlotte[2].

Bishop Aimilianos died of heart ailments on August 28, 1992 at 91 years old[1] at his residence in New York City.

In 1998, the Washington City Council named a park across from St. Sophia's Cathedral in Bishop Aimilianos' honor. The park is maintained by the Bishop Laloussis Foundation of Bethesda, Maryland.



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