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Job the Long-suffering

Righteous Job the Long-suffering; Martyrs Heliodorus and Venustus and seventy-five others in Africa (284–305); Martyrs Demetrius, Danax, Mesiurs, Therin, and Donatus; Saints Mamas, Pachomius, and Hilarion, monks; Martyrs Barbaruldier (Barbarus) the soldier, Bacchus, Callimachus, and Dionysius, in Morea (362); St. Benedicta, virgin, mystic and nun, in Rome (6th c.); Saint Edbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne (698); Martyr Barbarus the former robber in Thessaly (9th c.); Venerable Micah the disciple of the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh (1385); Venerable Sinaites of Serbia (from Ravanica): Romilus of Ravanica, Romanus of Djunisa (Romanos of Ravanica), Sisoes of Sinai and Sisojevac, Martyrius of Rukumije, Gregory of Gornjak, Zosimas of Tuman, and Gregory of Sinai (Mt. Athos) (14th c.); Saint Seraphim of Dombu (1602); Saint Job, Abbot and Wonder-worker of Pochaev (1651); Other commemorations: translation of the relics (1238) of Saint Sava, first archbishop of Serbia (1235); translation of the relics (1675) of Saint Pachomius of Nerekhta (1384); birthday of Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas II.