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The Holy Prophet Zachariah
The Righteous Elizabeth

Holy Prophet Zachariah and Righteous Elizabeth, parents of St. John the Forerunner; Martyrs Urban, Theodore, Medimnus, and 77 companions at Nicomedia; Martyr Abdias (Abidas or Obadiah) of Persia; Martyr Sarbelus of Edessa; Martyrs Ththuil (Thithail) and his sister Bebaia; Virgin-Martyr Rhais (Raisa) of Alexandria; Martyrs Juventius and Maximus, soldiers, at Antioch; Martyrdom of Holy Passion-bearer Gleb, in holy baptism David; Martyrdom of Saint Athanasius, Abbot of Brest, by the Latins; Saint Bertinos, Abbot of Saint-Omer; appearance of the Holy Apostle Peter to Emperor Justinian at Athira near Constantinople