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ROCOR and OCA Timeline
1917 Bolshevik Revolution breaks out in Russia.
1919 Southern Church Council meets in Stavropol at which Higher Church Administration was formed in Southern Russia.
1920 St. Tikhon of Moscow issues Ukaz No. 362; first session of the Higher Church Administration outside borders of Russia.
1921 34 ROCOR bishops meet in synod in Karlovtsy, Serbia, including Metr. Platon and Abp. Alexander, hierarchs of the Metropolia.
1924 4th All-American Sobor of the Metropolia votes to establish "temporary self-government," breaking administrative ties with Moscow.
1926 Metr. Platon of the Metropolia breaks ties with the ROCOR synod.
1927 ROCOR synod sends epistle to American parishes suspending Platon and his clergy.
1933 Metr. Platon refuses to pledge loyalty to Moscow, which declares the Metropolia to be in schism and establishes an exarchate on American soil.
1934 Death of Metr. Platon; ROCOR lifts ban against Metropolia.
1935 "Temporary Regulations of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad" signed by Karlovtsy Synod, including Theophilus of the Metropolia, thus renewing relations.
1937 6th All-American Sobor of the Metropolia declares itself to report to ROCOR in matters of faith.
1946 7th All-American Sobor of the Metropolia breaks all ties with the ROCOR, splitting American Russian Orthodoxy in two.
1970 Metropolia reconciles with and receives autocephaly from Moscow, returning Japanese possessions to its control and becoming known as the OCA.
1971 ROCOR denounces Moscow's grant of autocephaly; OCA receives rebel ROCOR parish in Australia.
1976 Bulgarian Diocese in Exile breaks with ROCOR and joins OCA.
1982 Calendar schism in OCA diocese of E. Pennsylvania; ROCOR receives multiple parishes in the area.
2001 Election of Metr. Laurus as First Hierarch of ROCOR.
2007 Restoration of communion between ROCOR and Moscow.
2011 The primates and hierarchs of the OCA and ROCOR concelebrated the Divine Liturgy for the first time in nearly 70 years. (Synodal Cathedral of the Sign, New York, NY)