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St. John the Merciful

Saint John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria; Saint Nilus the Faster of Sinai; Prophet Ahijah (Achias); Blessed John the Hairy, Fool-for-Christ at Rostov; Saint Leon, Patriarch of Constantinople; New-Martyr Sabbas Nigdelinus of Constantinople; New-Martyr Nicholas of Constantinople; Saint Nilus the Myrrh-gusher of the Great Lavra on Mount Athos; Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours (also called Bishop of Tarakine, of the Franks; see also November 11); Martyrs Antoninos, Nikephoros, Zebinas, and Germanos of Caesarea in Palestine; Saint Machar, Bishop of Aberdeenshire; Saint Lebuin, monk of Deventer; Saint Emilian of Vergegio; Saint Cadwaladr the Battle-Shunner, King of Wales; synaxis of New-Martyrs of Optina: Anatole, Barnabas, Dositheus, Nektary, Nikon, Panteleimon, and Vincent; repose of Righteous Cosmas of Birsk and Fr. Hilarion of Valaam and Sarov; commemoration of the righteous monks and laymen buried at Optina Monastery