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The Archangel Gabriel

Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel; Hieromartyr Irenaeus, Bishop of Sirmium; Hieromartyr Eusebius, Bishop of Kival, and Martyr Pullius the reader; Saint Malchus, Monk of Chalcis in Syria; Venerable Basil the Younger (or the New), anchorite near Constantinople; Martyrs Bathusius and Bercus presbyters, Arpilus monk, laymen Abibus, Agnus, Reasus, Igathrax, Isoecus (Iskous), Silas, Signicus, Sonerilas, Suimbalus, Thermus, Phillus (Philgas), and the women Anna, Alla, Larissa, Monco (Manca), Mamica, Uirko (Virko), Animais (Animaida), Gaatha, and Duklida, in Crimea; Martyr Codratus (Quadratus), Theodosius, Emmanuel, and with them 40 Martyrs who suffered under Diocletian; Martyrs Montanus the Presbyter of Singidunum and his wife Maxima; Martyr George of Sofia; Saint Govan, hermit of Pembrokeshire; Saint Liudger, missionary to the Frisians and first Bishop of Münster; Saint Braulio of Sargassa; Saint Rupert, Bishop of Worms