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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Saint Tikhon (Tychon), Bishop of Amathus in Cyprus, Wonder-worker; Saint Tikhon (Tychon) of Luchov, Kostroma; Saint Tikhon of Kaluga or Medin; Saint Tikhon of Krestogorsk (Vologda); Martyrs Tigirius (Tigrius) the Presbyter and Eutropius the Reader, of Constantinople; Saint Mark the Just of Apollonia, nephew of Apostle Barnabas; New-Martyr Hermogenes (Germogen), Bishop of Tobolsk; Saint Qiakhosro of Georgia; Saint Ismael, Bishop of Menevia; Saint Juliot, sister of Saint Nectan of Hartland (see also June 17 and December 4); five martyrs of Nicomedia; forty martyrs of Rome; repose of Archimandrite Moses, founder of Optina Skete; repose of Elder Gerasimus of Saint Tikhon of Kaluga Monastery