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The Holy Trinity

Martyr Sabbas Stratelates ("the General") of Rome, and 70 soldiers with him; Martyrs Eusebius, Neon, Leontius, Longinus, and others at Nicomedia; Martyrs Pasicrates and Valentine in Moesia (Bulgaria); Saint Thomas the Fool of Syria; Saint Elizabeth the Wonderworker of Constantinople; Saints Sabbas and Alexius the hermit of the Kiev Caves; New-Martyrs Luke, Akylina, Nicholas, and George of Magnesia; Martyr Alexander of Lyons; Saints Iorest and Sava Brancovici, Metropolitans of Ardeal, confessors in Romania against the Calvinists; Hieromartyrs Phylikos, Fourtunatos, and Achilleos; Saint Mellitus, Archbishop of Canterbury; Saint Egbert, Bishop of Iona; repose of Schemamonk Nicholas of Valaam; translation of the relics of Saint Wilfrid, Bishop of Hexham; uncovering of the relics of Saint Yvo, Bishop at St. Ives in Huntingdonshire