St. Sava School (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

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St. Sava Orthodox School is an Orthodox Christian elementary school located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. The school is associated with St. Sava Cathedral in Milwaukee, which is a cathedral of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America. The school encompasses grades K-3 through 8th grade, and instruction is conducted primarily in English, though Serbian language is a class for children from first through eighth grades. As a private school which receives no money from the state, St. Sava school is supported through tuition, donations, and support of the Cathedral.


In 1995, a group from St. Sava Cathedral formed a committee to explore the possibility of founding an Orthodox school. In 1996, a school board was formed, and on February 10, 1997, the first classes at St. Sava School were held.


Although St. Sava is a small school, it offers a lot of academic opportunity. In addition to core subjects such as English and Math, the Orthodox Christian religion is taught, as well as early foreign language (Serbian) classes. For older students, offerings like robotics are available. The test scores of St. Sava students are consistently above not just those of nearby public schools, but also of nearby private schools.