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The Orthodox Peace Fellowship of the Protection of the Mother of God is an organization dedicated to the active pursuit of peace as taught in the Gospel of Jesus Christ from an Orthodox Christian perspective. The OPF is pan-Orthodox in scope and places great emphasis on peacemaking in all areas of life, including opposition to abortion, pro-active work among the needy and orphans, as well as praying and working to root out the causes of violence in homes, parishes, between states and in the world.

Unlike similar peace fellowships of other religious traditions, the OPF is a non-political and non-partisan organization. Instead their work centers in three main areas: theological research, publications, and practical assistance in conflict areas. They produce a quarterly journal entitled In Communion.

Current leadership


  • Michael Bakker, President
  • Hanna Bos, Vice President
  • Jim Forest and Nancy Forest, Co-Secretaries

Advisory Board:

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