Konstantios (Karatzopoulos) II of Trebizond

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His Eminence Konstantios (Karatzopoulos) II of Trebizond was the Metropolitan of Trebizond under the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople from 1893 to 1906.


Little is known of the early life of Metr. Konstantios. He was a protosyngelos. He succeeded Metr. Gabriel as metropolitan of Trebizond after Gabriel had been deposed from his office and "suspended indefinitely" by the Synod of the Patriarchate in Constantinople. Konstantios was installed on April 29, 1893. Confronted by an acrimonious situation, he mediated the disputes among the Orthodox factions in Trebizond that had developed under his predecessor. By 1897, harmony had been re-established.

Metr. Konstantios served two terms as a member of the Holy Synod in Constantinople. He arrived in Constantinople for his first term on February 6, 1897 after his election on November 5, 1895. After he returned to Trebizond on April 25, 1898, he was again called to Constantinople for a second term, taking his seat at the Holy Synod on December 3, 1904. However, he did not complete his second term as Metr. Konstantios died of heart failure on June 18, 1906.

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Konstantios (Karatzopoulos) II of Trebizond
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Metropolitan of Trebizond
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Konstantinos (Araboglou) II
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