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The newly appeared martyr for Christ Demetrios of Philadelphia (d. 1657) was born in Philadelphia of Asia Minor and was a member of one of the city’s most illustrious families, being the son of Doukas the priest. He is commemorated by the church June 2.


Upon his father’s death, his mother undertook to rear him in the instruction and admonitions of the Lord until his eighteenth year. Since the youth was modest by nature, handsome in appearance and gifted, certain Hagarenes took undue notice of his comeliness and, motivated by malice, seized him. Now either through trickery or promises of gifts and honor, or perhaps by threats of torture, they persuaded him to renounce Christ. Therefore, he was turned over to the service of a leading Hagarene of Philadelphia. He attained considerable favor with this Moslem, so much so, that within a few years he acquired esteem, honor, and wealth, including livestock and property. Furthermore, since he was courageous physically, he was elected Commander-in-Chief of the city’s militia. By virtue of these achievements, he also became engaged to one of the foremost Moslem maidens of Philadelphian society.

By God’s grace, when he reached the age of 25 the Lord beckoned him. Demetrios began to recall his former piety and faith and was executed for this firm resolve to return to the Orthodox faith on June 2, 1657.

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