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Saint Theodore Trichinas ("Hair-Shirt Wearer") was born into a wealthy yet pious family in Constantinople. He denounced all earthly and material riches and dedicated his life to Christ in a monastery in the Imperial City. Having given away all that he had to the poor, and himself not owning anything, he clothed himself not in clothes but a rough hair garment all his life, and hence his name. He reposed at the end of the fourth or early fifth centuries. His memory is celebrated on April 20.


Troparion (Tone 8)

The image of God was faithfully preserved in you O Father,
for you took up the Cross and followed Christ
by your actions you taught us took look beyond the flesh for it passes
rather to be concerned about the soul which is immortal
wherefore O holy Theodore your soul rejoices with the angels.


As your fiery chariot you did descend on the virtues, O God-bearer,
mounting up under the dwellings of heaven.
And you are an angel living on earth among men,
and a man dancing for joy with the holy angels.
Hence O Theodore, you have proven yourself a holy vessel of awesome wonders and signs.

See also

  • St. Joseph the Hymnographer (April 4), who composed a canon in his honour.
  • "The Prologue from Ochrid", by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic - Lazarica Press - Birmingham 1985 (Four Book Edition - Translated by Mother Maria.

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