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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Saint Kyriakos the Hermit of Palestine; Saint Theophanes the Merciful of Gaza; Martyrs Dada, Gabdelas, and Casdoe (Casdoa) of Persia; Martyr Gudelia of Persia; Eighty Holy Martyrs of Byzantium; Saint Cyprian, Abbot of Ustiug (Vologda); New Hieromartyr John, Archbishop of Riga in Lativa; Martyrs Tryphon, Trophimus, and Dorymedon, and 150 martyrs in Palestine; Martyr Petronia; Saint Auxentius the Wonder-worker; Saint Dionysios I, Patriarch of Constantinople; Venerable-martyr Malachi and those with him; translation of the relics of Saint Neophytus the Enclosed; repose of Blessed Anthony Alexseevich, Fool-for-Christ of Zadonsk; commemoration of the holy fathers of Kiev whose relics lie in the Near Cave of St. Anthony