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Venerable Seraphim of Vyritsa

Martyrs Philemon and Domninus of Thessalonica, in Italy (see also March 26); Saint Maria the Martyr, in Perge; Saint Serapion, Bishop of Thmuis in Lower Egypt (c. 358) Venerable Serapion the Sindonite, monk of Egypt (4th c.) (see also May 14); Saint Sophronius, Abbot of the Monastery of St. Theodosius, in Palestine (542); Saint Thomas, Patriarch of Constantinople (610); Saint James the Confessor (Jacob the Confessor), Bishop, of the Studion Monastery (late 8th c.); Saint Beryllus (Berillos), Bishop of Catania (c. 90); Saint Cyril, Bishop of Catania (1st-2nd c.); Saint Lupicinus of Lyon, desert-dweller of the Jura Mountains, Gaul (480); Saint Enda of Aran, Abbot of Arranmore, monk, earliest leader of Irish monasticism (530); New Martyr Michael of Agrapha, at Thessalonica (1544); Venerable Seraphim of Vyritsa (1949); New Hieromartyr Vladimir, Priest (1931); New Hieromartyr Theodore (Pozdeyev), Archbishop (1938);