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St. Veronica (Bernice), a woman healed by Christ

St. Veronica (Bernice), a woman healed by Christ; Martyr Hilary of Ancyra; Venerable Michael of Maleinus; Martyr Theodore and his son John of Kiev; Venerable Arsenius of Novgorod the Fool-for-Christ; Venerable Simon the Abbot of Volomsk; Martyr Golinduc, in Holy Baptism Mary, of Persia; Venerable John of Svyatogorsk, Georgia; Venerable Gabriel of Svyatogorsk, Georgia; Icon of the Mother of God "of the three hands" on Mt Athos; Martyr Proclus of Ancyra; St. Gabriel of Georgia; Blessed Serapion, Abbot of Volomsk; Saint Anthony, Abbot of Leokhnov, Novgorod; Martyrs Andrew the Soldier, Heraclius, Taustus, Menas, and others; Martyr Mamas near Sigmata; Martyr Serapion