Synaxis of the Baptist

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The Synaxis of the Baptist is a feast day celebrated on January 7, the day following the Great Feast of Theophany. It commemorates the Holy Glorious Prophet, John the Forerunner, who is the Baptiser of Jesus Christ.


Troparion (Tone 2)

The memory of the righteous is celebrated with songs of praise,
But the Lord's testimony is sufficient for you, O Forerunner.
You were shown indeed to be the most Honorable of the Prophets,
For in the waters you baptize the one whom you preached.
After suffering with joy on behalf of the truth,
You proclaimed even to those in hell the God who appeared in the flesh
Who takes away the sin of the world,
And grants us great mercy!

Kontakion (Tone 6)

The river Jordan trembled, and was driven back
Filled with fear at Your coming in the flesh,
While John drew back in awe
As he fulfilled the ministry of the Spirit.
The ranks of angels stood amazed,
When they beheld You baptized in the stream,
And we, who were in darkness, are filled with light,
Praising You, God made manifest, who enlightens all!


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