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This is a list of user-side MediaWiki extensions installed at OrthodoxWiki. If you know of another one you'd like to see here, leave a note on the discussion page and we'll see what we can do. A full list can be found here.

Citation Extensions

Two citation extensions have been installed. One allows in-text citations to be collected together in a group as footnotes. For details, see meta:Cite/Cite.php. For an example on Wikipedia, see w:Irish_bog_psalter.

The second (meta:Cite/Special:Cite.php) adds a special page (Special:Cite) which offers cut-and-paste citations in a number of formats to OrthodoxWiki pages, and also adds a "Cite this article" link in the sidebar "toolbox" on every page in the main namespace.

Nice Category List extension

Generates a list of all pages in the category, including subcategories.
Unlike the default category list, the generated list is flat and shows well, even with long page names.


 <ncl>Category:Some Category</ncl>

This extension is currently experiencing a bug -- when used with pages of different namespaces, it does not render links correctly. We're working to get this fixed. It works well when all pages are in the default namespace however.

External Links

RSS Parser Extension

Please see Help:Newsfeeds for details and usage information and Category:Newsfeeds for a list of pages that incorporate newsfeeds from other sites.

Dynamic Page List 2

External Links

GoogleMap Extension

Please see meta:User:Mafs/GoogleMapExtension for details.

These extension are currently not working

Biblio Extension

From http://martin.jambon.free.fr/biblio_php.html. "Not only does it takes care of the numbering and sorting of the references, but it also downloads bibliographic references from PubMed and formats them using only the PubMed identifier (PMID). This is achieved by querying the PubMed SOAP server.

"This results in references which are nicely and equally formatted, exact and complete. They automatically link to the PubMed webpage for the given article, which often provides a summary of the paper and more."

This module provides tags "cite" and "biblio". "cite" tags indicate a citation in the text, one or several keys are given. These keys must be defined in the "biblio" section. There is at most one "biblio" section on the page and it must come after the last citation.


 As reported previously <cite>somekey wikipedia</cite>, some wikitext 
  #wikipedia [http://www.wikipedia.org Wikipedia]
  #somekey pmid=12345678


As reported previously somekey wikipedia, some wikitext <biblio>

  1. wikipedia Wikipedia
  2. somekey pmid=12345673


Note: A PubMed interwiki link is also available - just include the PMID like this: [[pubmed:22345679]]

Available extensions not installed

We can install these upon request. I maintain the list here for convenience.

  • Mailman - creates a mailman subscribe form. We could use this if we ever wanted to create announcement mailing lists for OrthodoxWiki.