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The Logos

Logic or λόγος is the within the works of the Philokalia designated as the second person of the Trinity Jesus Christ. Expressed as intellect, wisdom and the Providence of God in whom all things are created. Logos as the ground, of the existence of being (I am Being), this as the unitary Universal or cosmic principle. Within the Logos is many logoi or inner essences as thoughts of God. By this logic or reason all things come into existence at the times and places in their proper form as is proper to their reason or meaning for being. Each being has within it the logoi as the principle of its own development. By these logoi each within the realm of being (the Logos) manifest in the forms of the created cosmos or Universe. This manifestation that constitue the first stage of theoria or contemplation.

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Glossary of terms the Philokalia volume 4 pg 433